One does want to win, of course, but I ve known for many years that this was the very best way to work it. Linda plays the stony-faced leader of the American military company hired by the pharmaceutical giant who want their Viagra back. Titanic was the most painful thing in the world, says Linda. Linda, anxious not to be indiscreet but irreverent enough to say it anyway, silently mouths a big no-no and indicates that Suzy clearly dislikes her. But in those days Jim would go away for three years to do a movie then come back and treat her like a one-year-old and think she was going to be stolen in the playground. Then he banned a close male friend of mine from staying. It had been a fraught relationship, she recalls, because we were both pretty strong personalities. He would come home with things he d insist on having. He urged her to go for it - although it s doubtful that he envisaged they would end up competing head to head for the same Oscars. Yes, there was a period when he did sort of cross over because he was confused. It must have had such bad vibes in it because I later cut my foot on the broken glass and thought: Oh, God, he s even got the last word who is linda evans dating. Knowing he s so controlling, I just got really strong. He tried to calm me down, apologised, gave me a bottle of Champagne and got me back on set. But the damage was done and a year later they divorced, with Suzy Amis now back in his life who is linda evans dating. My first husband had talked me out of it.

I read Avatar while we were married and I said nothing. On the set of True Lies, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis, he warned that taking lavatory breaks was a sackable offence. Since then, he has lived and breathed Avatar while he waited for technology to catch up with his vision of an alien world populated by a long-limbed, blue-bodied race called the Na vi. They married in August 1989, but by the time he had starting producing Terminator 2 a year later, the marriage had soured and he was rumoured to be involved with the film s leading lady, Linda. I m the one that got away and she has to live with that and share him with me. Meanwhile, Josephine and I had our rules and knew how things worked. Then he told the crew that he d made me work up that rage to get a better performance from me. But seeing him control everything on set was really sexy. Work and women go hand in hand for Jimbo, and I should know. I screamed at him: If you want to see a human being on that set, treat me like a f*****g human being. RELATED ARTICLES Share But now, 11 years after they split, Linda - whose new film Holy Water is released today - believes she s got him exactly where she wants him. That said, she adores him like a daughter loves her daddy and there s not one complaint. Then when he got together with Suzy I changed my mind and he came back to me and we got married. Within months, he had fallen for Kathryn Bigelow when he went scouting for actors on a film she was working on. Then he felt terrible about what he d done to her and went back to her.

Avatar, released in the UK in December, is the highest-earning film in cinema history, with global box office takings already passing $1. Her latest film Holy Water is a comedy about a group of men living in a remote Irish village who are so desperate to break the boredom that they hijack a shipment of Viagra then suffer the complicated consequences. Together they made Aliens, but the marriage imploded when they worked on The Abyss together..
. The Avatar director s second marriage imploded when he worked on The Abyss with his second wife - within months, he had fallen for Kathryn Bigelow So we did nothing but fight over marriage for seven years. Her toning and muscles brought her the title Body Of The Nineties, and her character became a byword for invincibility. It was a crazy time, too, because we clashed as I was prepared to stand up to him. He shouts Take a number, take a number, which means get in the 15-strong queue of people waiting to see him because he likes to control every second. So much that I truly felt like I might have died. The first thing that Kathryn did after being asked to direct The Hurt Locker was to show her ex-husband the script. It was made worse by their ongoing power struggle. It s interesting because while he was making Titanic, Suzy at that time was the gargoyle on the end of my bed, waiting to swoop in. With this in mind, she s not sure who she s backing in the Oscars. He loved me when I was the life and soul of the party and even when I was the tragic lost girl. ..


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